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Managing Events- Short Course

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Learn How To Manage Events

Understand the essentials of event management with this course. This course will have you organising and planning events that run smoothly and effectively like a professional.

Whether you are arranging an event for your own personal needs- like a wedding or a family get-together or you want to arrange events as part of your job or profession, there are vital elements to arranging events that you will need to consider and work through. Ensuring that you have all of your bases covered will not only ensure that your event is a success, but your stakeholders are happy, satisfied and safe. Learn about managing resources, risk management, deliverables and what you need to have in place in the event of something not going to plan.

This course will be a great start to anyone who would like to work in the event management industry. 


This course covers the following lessons:

Lesson 1- Scope and nature of Event Management

Lesson 2- Developing a concept and planning

Lesson 3- Organising the resources required

Lesson 4 - Catering: Food and Drink

Lesson 5- Promoting an event

Lesson 6- Managing the clientele

Lesson 7-  Risk management, legalitites and contingency planning

Lesson 8- Delivering the event

Lesson 9- Organising celebrations and parties

Lesson 10- Organising exhibitions

Lesson 11- Organising conferences and seminars

Lesson 12- Working in the events industry


How does this course work? 
You can enrol at any time.
Once you have paid for the course, you will be able to start straight away.
Study when and where you like. Work through at your own pace.

You can download your study-guide to your smart phone, tablet or laptop to read offline.

There are automated self-assessment tests you can complete at the end of each lesson. You can attempt these as many times as you wish and each time, upon completion, you can see your results. You will need internet access to complete the self assessment tests.

At the end of the course, you are presented with a large assessment which can be attempted online, anywhere, anytime. If you achieve a 60% pass in the exam; you immediately receive a downloadable certificate of completion with your name on it.


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Managing Events- Short Course Managing Events- Short Course
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