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Root Vegetables ebook

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Learn lots more about growing potatoes and carrots. Discover what oca, mashua and potato bean are. Understand more about the uses and comparative nutritional benefits of different root crops.

Root vegetables have been important food crops across the world for millennia. For most of history though; the popular root vegetables in one region have been different to what has been grown in another region. With increasing globalisation and a growing international “foodie” culture however, all of this has changed. Today people cooks and chefs across the world strive to find different foods. In turn, commercial growers and home gardeners strive to find different things to grow.

This book is a valuable and unique resource that provides information that is easily accessible and otherwise difficult to find all in one place. Read this and you will have a unique and enlightened perspective on just how much potential there is to grow and use root vegetables in today’s food culture.  


Pages: 98

Pictures: 100
ISBN: 978-0-9954356-5-0



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Root Vegetables ebook Root Vegetables ebook
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